Block ads on your site with the updated Google Publisher Toolbar

In January, we launched the AdSense Publisher Toolbar to help you save time and monitor account performance directly from your pages. If you?re one of the over 31,000 publishers who have already installed this handy Chrome extension, you?ve probably noticed that we?ve renamed it to the Google Publisher Toolbar, as it now supports DoubleClick for Publishers as well. We?ve also been working on other major enhancements, and today we?re excited to share them with you. The biggest improvement you?ll notice in the toolbar is the addition of blocking capabilities, enabling you to block ads as you?re viewing your site. When you see an ad that isn?t suitable for your audience, you?ll be able to take action immediately without needing to navigate through your account or investigate which ad or URL to block. Here?s how it works, once you?ve installed the toolbar: Just as before, you can view account performance in a widget in the corner of your Chrome window, as well as ad overlays on the page itself. Clicking on one of the ad overlays will now bring up additional information about that ad unit, including the name of the ad slot, performance metrics, the destination and display URL of the ad, and a preview of the ad. Below the ad preview, you can take action on either the ad or the URL: If you are using the Ad Review Center, you can choose to block the ad directly and your action will be reflected the next time you visit the Ad Review Center. If you block a URL, it?ll be added to your URL filter list. Please be assured that clicking the ad overlays generated by the toolbar is permitted, and won?t generate any invalid clicks. Also, keep in mind that blocking any ad will lower your potential earnings, as it reduces competition for your ad space by removing advertiser bids from the auction. It?s a myth that filtering ads can prevent ?low-paying ads? from appearing, so as always, we recommend blocking only those ads that you feel are unsuitable for your users. The Google Publisher Toolbar is now available in all AdSense languages, so we encourage all publishers to give it a try. If you?re already using the toolbar, no action is needed on your part as it?ll automatically update. Feel free to let us know your thoughts about the Toolbar on our AdSense +page. Visit our Help Center for answers to questions related to the Publisher Toolbar, and stay tuned for more updates!Posted by Gregory Block — AdSense Engineering

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