New industry metrics to help publishers make the most from the web

Over 2 million AdSense publishers like you create the unique and diverse content that we all love – whether it?s finding reviews for a new restaurant, or do-it-yourself furniture makeovers. Online advertising helps fuel this creativity, and we?ve been improving our products to help you make the most of every opportunity – from making it easier to earn revenue from the mobile web, or welcoming Indonesian publishers to the AdSense community.   One of the ways we can continue to support you is by giving access to new sources of industry knowledge to enable you to make the most from display advertising. With this is mind, today we?re introducing a new report, ?Display Business Trends: Publisher Edition?. What?s inside for AdSense publishers? Well for starters, there are answers to questions like:Which ad sizes are rising in popularity? You control the ad experience on your site by choosing ad sizes that fit the design of your pages. But with such a flexible selection, which ad sizes should you pick? We found that 80% of all ads served tend to be the three best performing ad units for AdSense publishers: the medium rectangle, leaderboard, and skyscraper. We?re also seeing fewer publishers use smaller ad units, like the 468×60 banner. Is the mobile web really a big deal? We think so! We saw a 250% increase in mobile web impressions over the last three months of 2011. Growth in mobile usage has exploded, and there?s never been a better time for your site to go mobile. Check out resources for publishers on our GoMo site and Mobile Mondays blogposts. Which sites are showing strong impression growth? In 2011, we found that Shopping, Sports, and Auto & Vehicle sites were some of the fastest year-on-year growth verticals on the Ad Exchange and AdSense. We saw impressive figures across the board, with 15 out of 25 publisher verticals displaying double-digit growth. Where in the world are you? All over, as it turns out. Of a possible estimated 245 different countries and territories, we saw publisher ad impressions from 235 of them. These included the island country of Palau – one of the world?s newest sovereign states – and the middle-African nation of Equatorial Guinea, with astounding growth rates of 1106% and 4635% respectively. And while the United States still accounts for the highest percentage of impressions overall, we?re seeing a significant representation from China and Japan, coming in at 11% and 6% respectively. The Publisher Edition will be the first in a series of publications looking at aggregated global data from across Google?s display advertising solutions, so stay tuned for more industry metrics to come. In the meantime, join the conversation and tell us what you think is behind these trends on our AdSense +Page. Posted by Mel Ann Chan, Product Marketing Manager, Display Advertising

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